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Why Are Most Cotton Beach Towels Made In China?

written by: Outstanding                June 7,2016

Evidently, China has over the years rose to the ranks of the textile industry particularly in the cotton beach towels industry. In fact, it is the top manufacturer and exporter of the cotton and flag beach towels globally. Ideally, a beach towel can be described as a smaller version of the ordinary towel that is not only used to dry off the water but also tailor made to provide a surface upon which one can lie while on the beach hence the name beach towel. It is worth mentioning though that; there are many reasons as to why China is the leading manufacturer of cotton beach towel globally. Well, the subsequent sections of the paper will decisively discuss some of the reasons clearly and in details. For instance:

1. Huge area for growing cotton

Geographically speaking, China is a large country regarding the area on the Asian continent as consequently the world. This means that the amount of available farming land is quite huge as compared to other nations in the world. Furthermore, with the availability of water from the Pacific Ocean, cotton farming has been very lucrative over the years and has served to shape the economy immensely. Consequently, the manufacture of cotton beach towels has been at an all-time high to levels which no other country can match thus emerging as a force to reckon with in the industry since the amount of cotton harvested annually over this large pieces of land is huge.

2. Advancement in technology

It of great concern to note that there has been a significant evolution in the textile industry. On the same note, as a result of the huge cotton harvested in China as compared to other countries, the cotton industry has expanded tremendously. In fact, it was noticed that most of the cloth printing factories here are equipped with state of the art advanced technology machinery thus ensuring high quality of beach towels are produced. Due to this, the country has emerged as one of the leading manufacturer and producers of the printed cotton beach towels. Clearly, advanced technology has been a huge factor in the development of the cotton industry in China.

3. Numerous beach towels production factories

Apparently, the massive presence of beach towel production companies can be attributed to the availability of the cotton in abundance. The cotton harvested from the farms is enough to warrant many cotton factories to set up shop in China. Moreover, the cotton prices as procured from the farmers is quite cheap as compared to other parts of the world hence attracting more and more investment in cotton and flag beach towels production in the area. Subsequently, the increase in the cotton production factories in China has in turn made China the ultimate cotton towel manufacturer globally.

4. Good climatic conditions

The presence of good climate to support the growth of cotton has been the major factor in making China the ideal cotton manufacturing country in the world. Notably, cotton requires a hot and wet climatic condition to reap the most from the crop. It is important to note that, the climatic condition of China are hot and wet and experiences relief rainfall as a result of its proximity to the ocean hence the ideal conditions. Therefore, with good climatic conditions, cotton has been harvested to its full capacity thus drawing cotton beach towel companies. As a result development of industry immensely and hence massive exports of cotton beach towels.

5. Availability of both skilled and unskilled labor

Most recent population census statistics, China has been estimated to be having the biggest number of people about other countries. Clearly, if we were to go by statistics, a huge population postulates a huge working force for the cotton industry. In fact, the availability of both skilled and unskilled labor has drawn major investments in the cotton beach towel industry thus placing China as one of the core pillars of the beach towel industry globally.

6. Huge market for the beach towels

Notably, the huge population of China is clearly the most crucial factor that has put it in a position of the leading manufacturer of cotton beach towel. In fact, since china is surrounded by Pacific Ocean, its coastline is characterized by beaches and an exotic ocean view location. Consequently, with the large population, a large market for the cotton and flag beach towels is created hence many factories are enticed by the possibility of benefiting from the huge market thus the huge number of cotton towel manufacturing firms as compared to other countries in the world.

7. Government support

Evidently, since the cotton industry is the backbone of china’s economy, the government has put in place measures to promote the sector through the funding of projects such as irrigation schemes. As a result of the political good will, more cotton has been harvested over the years, and this has in turn attracted investors to the cotton towel industry and thus earning the country some foreign exchange. Additionally, with the implementation of legislation that favors the production of local goods for instance through the reduction of tax, has served to create a favorable environment for manufacturing industries. Subsequently, China has emerged as the leading manufacturer and exporter of high-quality cotton and flag beach towels,

8. Good infrastructure

The existence of good infrastructure has played a significant role in placing China as a renowned cotton beach manufacturer. Apparently, the good transport network in the country has served to create a fast and efficient movement of the raw materials, in other words, cotton from the farms to the manufacturing industries. This has in turn attracted investment immensely in the cotton beach towel industry thus its development.

In conclusion, China is a big player in the cotton and flag beach towel industry. However with the formulation of the appropriate measures, other countries can catch up. To this end, it is clear that with good policies the cotton industry can be a very lucrative business venture hence more research needs to be done in the area to reap maximum profits in future.