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Cotton Baby diaper, babies' accompany.

Cotton Baby diaper, babies' accompany.

Melinda 2014-06-14 11:42:48
From birth to be able to take care of themselves, baby diapers has been accompanied babies all the time, almost his second layer of skin. With the development of technology, improvement of living standards, diapers varieties on the market is also increasing.

On the material terms of the type of diapers, the baby diapers can be divided into cloth diapers and paper diapers.

For all baby diapers, cotton diapers havethe oldest history. Cotton diapers are unique, comfortable, breathable. These are cotton diapers' big advantage. Cotton diapers is of lower prices, and can be reused. The absorption of cloth diapers and better adaptation, are unlikely to cause skin irritation or rash.

Shenzhen Ding Run Textile Import and Export Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of diapers for 13 years, diapers are exported to Europe, Australia and other countries. in Southeast Asia also occupy a certain market share, and we have cooperated with Unilever, Mothercare and other internationally renowned brand.