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Beautiful handkerchief, you worth having.

Beautiful handkerchief, you worth having.

Apple 2014-06-20 15:59:43

Now the modern people advocate a low carbon life every moment of the day, so in our daily life, using a handkerchief is a real low carbon way of life, because a handkerchief compared with paper towel, not need to cut down the trees of our nature.Durable green pollution-free.And it also can be recycled.Today, let's talk about the handkerchief.

Handkerchief has more than 20 usages, such as hands, face, wipe sweat, wipe the nose, clean bench, etc.,also can play games, such as folding, thimble, etc., and even can be emergency, used to the wound, and even can as token of promise of affection between lover. Handkerchief also can  inidcates a personal identity, the symbol of the culture, the one whose handkerchief is certainly fold the square founder, clean. So a handkerchief in our daily life has high practical value.

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