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Apple 2014-07-26 10:21:08
Linen is twisted linen woven into line, surface not smooth like chemical fiber and cotton cloth, with vivid concave and convex texture, painters often used linen this subtle interesting material aesthetic feeling.At the same time, in addition to the synthetic fibers, linen is one of the most strong in textiles.The fiber strength is high, not easy to tear or puncture, can let the palette knife scraping, pressure on it.

Sell on the market of high quality pure linen price is higher.The price also can reflect the quality of linen.Most cheap linen with oakum woven, short fiber.Individual businesses sell with linen and linen, cotton and linen cloth, you can use the following method to distinguish.

(1) pervious to check to see if the thickness of geographic evenly.If geographic too uniform, the likelihood is cotton fabric.
(2) tighten the compactness of fabric inspection to see woven.
(3) high quality linen is brown color, luster, bibulous evenly.Hemp qualitative is bad, be processed into soft fiber linen, bibulous uneven, after wet.
(4) worsted linen, surface of wool cloth with soft nap, less is more.
(5) half of linen and firmness.
(6) pulled a thread, if both ends are bent and points * phenomenon, the line of cotton.Be torn linen, both ends should be smooth, otherwise not pure.
(7) such as caustic soda water onto the canvas, linen will present tan, cotton is light yellow.

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