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President pledges to modernize the media

President pledges to modernize the media

Jason 2014-08-20 09:47:33
President Xi Jinping pledged on Monday to establish a modern communications system in China, the first time that he has spoken about integration in the media.

Xi said during a meeting in Beijing, which focused on ways to deepen overall reforms, that China should spare no effort in forming a number of new types of mainstream media with multiple communication platforms, advanced transmitting methods and a competitive edge.

He vowed to establish several modern media groups with powerful journalistic strength, credibility and public influence, and asked the government to diversify and modernize the nation's media system.

Xi asked traditional news outlets and new-media organizations to adopt cutting-edge technologies, while encouraging them to improve the quality of their news products. He said traditional and new media should complement each other in terms of content, channels, platforms, operations and management.

"Xi's move will narrow the huge gaps between old and new media in a wide range of fields," he said.

Xi had given new media a level playing field and they could now stand together with traditional media "I think he aims to achieve an entirely connected media network that is able to best serve the public interest."

He said the top leadership is paying increased attention to new media's role in society.

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