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How to identify quality of hotel towels

How to identify quality of hotel towels

Yobalinda 2014-09-08 17:40:50

Hotel towels is a towel which is uese in hotal.It usually is white cotton towels, good quality. Formal hotel should have five towel: bath towel, face towel, hand towel, floor towel,foot towel. All could be used after antivirus .But remember to use boiling water to burn for 5-10 minutes. Shenzhen City Dingrun Textile Import and Export Co., Ltd. also is hotel towel suppliers.

Now,let’s talk about what affect the quality of the hotel towels :

1, towel materials
Towels raw material directly determine the quality of hotal towel. Different raw material prices vary greatly. The quality of the raw materials used towels must be 100% pure cotton. cotton yarn is 21’, 21 twisted yarn, 32’, 32 twisted yarn or 40’. Advantages cotton hotel towel is a towel the other containing chemical fiber raw materials can not be compared.

2, hotel towel style and weight
Single hotel towel the lighter weight, style was good. with cotton as possible to prove the contrary towel weight is not low, towel style is good, such as hair short, dwarfish hair, was thin. Then prove poor cotton quality.
3, the appearance of the defect
The surface should not broken towel Trail, weft, thin road, close roads, bald hair, terry missing, flash, and so on, this will be a towel tiled desktop, or stretching welcome rays can see. Additionally towel should clean, no oil. rust stains, holes, residual edges. no residual thread.

4, the sewing quality
Requirements on sewing stitches beautiful, strong, sewing thread color should be consistent with the towel, pitch should be 2-2.5 per centimeter, without open feet, wrinkles, silk ring, floating line, jumping needles, and so on.

5, cleanliness requirements
Rooms need to be disinfected daily management to ensure hygiene.

In addition to producing hotel towels, Dingrun company also offers cotton baby diapers, baby bibs, compressed towels and other textile products.Welcome to get more detail information.