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Exchanging Meeting Of Website Mangement

Exchanging Meeting Of Website Mangement

Cindy www.szdingrun.com 2014-09-19 18:00:37

At 2:00 PM in 9-18, one of our colleague had participated in the exchanging meeting which is about how to manage your own website held by foreseen company.
After taking part in the meeting, our colleague become very exciting and feel more powerful. And she share what she gained immediately.

As her said, at the begining of this meeting, blue team ask and red team answer. While red team ask blue team answer. Each time one of the team member answer the exactly answer can get one point. This way, encouraging everyone in each team tried their best to answer the questions.

There were very harmoniously at the meeting, everyone learnt very hard and very active to answer the questions. The questions they asked were niche targeting, and the answers were Complete too.

According to this exchanging meeting, our colleague learnt a lot about how to manage our company's website and how to improve the customer experience. We hope that we can use the knowledge what we learnt to improve our shenzhen dingrun light textile import and export co., LTD 's website, makes the customers feel our passion and profession.

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