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You’d better take compressed towel during your trip

You’d better take compressed towel during your trip

Cindy 2014-09-30 16:57:06
As the developing of tourism, the relative business develops fast too.
While you are traveling, there may be some problem cause your concern, such as health issue, safe issue,etc.

In my opinion,health issue is the most important issue we should pay attention.Let's discuss one case.

Miss Xu went for a 10 days Summer trip with her family.They took the toilet requisites(soap,toothpaste,towel,etc.) by themselves. Miss Xu put the towels into the plastic bags and reuse it at their trip.However, her son's leg was got local irritation at the eighth day. It made him
sad. He had to see the doctor immediately.The doctor saw and thought that might be caused by the unclean towels they used.
Because there are easier to be bacterial infection Summer. And the wet towels are usually cause lots of bacteria which makes skin infection glow rapidly.

Doctors suggested that we better use compressed towel with our trip.
This kind of towel have the benefits like small size,light, hydrophilic expansion,using disposable,environmentally friendly etc.It is a great choice for us to use during our trip.

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