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How to clean blanket ( 1 )

How to clean blanket ( 1 )

Linda 2014-10-05 18:06:34

Wash blanket is a very difficult thing for people. If not clean, blanket all day contact with the skin could lead to skin diseases. Well, today let’s have a look the tips of cleaning blanket.

The first method is to machine wash: The blanket roll stack in a net bag into the washing machine, using common detergent, washing in room temperature.

The second method is by hand: take blanket fold flat into the cylinder, use common household detergent, soak for 20-30 minutes in room temperature, gently squeeze or foot.

Note that in the laundry tub take with a neutral detergent soap flakes or advanced washing powder into 20 degrees around the light soap, blankets soak in clean water thoroughly, gently squeeze the water and then made ​​into soap gently rub pressure wash, rinse repeatedly rinsed several times.

If it is pure blankets, again in the final rinse, can be placed about one or two of white vinegar, it will give the blankets washed bright as new.

After rinsing, the carpet rolled up, gently press the discharge of water, then brush the hair brushed neatly into the original box shape.

The best way to dry blankets is with two parallel bamboo poles, and then take the blankets on top and slowly dried in a cool place, avoid direct exposure to sunlight, to prevent the blanket fade deformation.

After blanket dry and then brush it again, with the purpose of restoring the original blanket soft feel and appearance of beauty.

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