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Tips for choosing a towel correctly

Tips for choosing a towel correctly

Cindy www.szdingrun.com 2014-12-03 17:43:47
At the beginning,we should consider that if the pile loops are neat and balance. Whether the height of pile loops are in keeping with the state standards. If it confirms to the state standards,the absorption will be well guaranteed.

Secondly, we should feel the towel with our hands. A good towel should be soft and high-loft.  If you held the towel in your hand, you can feel that good towels are soft and flexible. Meanwhile, patting on it will fall some cotton velvet. If a towel is wet and slippery without water, it can not be a 100%cotton towel. It may be contain a lot of water repellent softer agent which makes towels less absorption or even some contain polyester.

Thirdly, we should smell the towels. A towel without pungent flavor proves that it’s dye is environmentally friendly.

Towels with mouldy taste may be the stock towels which were store for too long. Lastly, we can drop some drops of water. Because the high quality towels can absorb water quickly while the low quality one is slick and weak absorption.

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