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Chinese Young People's Enthusiasm in Olympic Games

Chinese Young People's Enthusiasm in Olympic Games

Jasmine X www.szdingrun.com 2016-08-16 18:37:40
The 32th Olympic Games opening ceremony was held on 5th August in Brazil. 

Not only the impressive shows and the international gorgeous Gisele Bundchen have attracted people's attention from the whole world, many famous athelets from different countries were also welcomed by people. 

Chinese athletes Sun Yang  and Ning Zetao have gained a lot of fame among young people in China for their impressive records in the Olmpic and other tournaments, also their good looking and nice bodies were the point where people like it too. 

Actually, it can not be counted as a good start for China sports team for missing sevaral god medals in their advantage projects. However, the situation seemed to show that people in China have changed a lot in mind. Medals were not the first thing that came into their mind when talking about the game. People care more about the sport itself. 
What a nice thing! 

Now, when one is searching on Weibo, he can watch various news about Olympic events that are going on. It is truely convenient for people to discuss about the events and share their ideas with people from another place, which might explain the high enthusiasm among young people. And let congratulations on the incredible score from jumping and Pingpong team. It really rocks the world!

The Game is still on. Wish Olympic atheles enjoy the competition and every step of challeging themselves!

Good luck!