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Tourist spots classified for their holiday services

Tourist spots classified for their holiday services

Lisa www.szdingrun.com 2016-10-11 18:29:05
The China National Tourism Administration issued ratings Sunday listing the best and worst scenic spots, travel agencies, tourist guides and tourists during the national holiday.

The notes are part of new efforts by the administration to strengthen the control and tourism market management and improve the services offered by the picturesque sites and their staffs, to create a favorable environment for passengers during holiday, according to Xue Yaping, an official of the administration.

In the notes, some attractions, such as the Palace Museum in Beijing, Nanshan Tourism Zone in Hainan Province and the ancient city of Lijiang in Yunnan Province, were commended for their management and operation.

Other places, such as the ancient city of Taierzhuang in Shandong province, the tourist area of ​​the Three Gorges in Hubei Province and Dujiangyan Scenic Area in Sichuan Province, were credited for their contribution to " revolution of tourism toilets ", an initiative sponsored by the administration renovating public toilets in tourist destinations of the country.
Beijing Zoo, which received 450,000 tourists during the holidays, for example, four people were sentenced to a fine of 50 yuan ($ 7.50) each for animal feed. It was the first time the zoo issued notes to tourists for this.

The administration also noted some "bad model" according Zhikai Peng, director of the supervision and regulation department of the administration. These included Shidu Scenic Spot in the Fangshan district of Beijing, where tourists quarreled with staff working and Longwangdong Scenic Spot in Hunan province, which has been criticized for dirty toilets, a lack of guidance for tourists and potential security risks.

"The administration has requested that these scenic spots correct the situation, and we will monitor their progress," said Peng.

He added that the administration has treated a total of 359 tourism-related complaints from 1 October to October 7. About half of those were related to scenic spots, while more than 100 were related to tourism agencies and tour guides, Peng said.

The text above is an excerpt from ChinaDaily. 

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