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What Is Proper Ihram Clothing (2)

What Is Proper Ihram Clothing (2)

Yorbalinda Guo Original 2016-09-03 10:21:58

Do not put on jewelry or ornament

Although, as mentioned above, women can change into ihram in their own clothes, it is recommended to avoid wearing gold-inlaid, ornamental and also silk dresses.

Conditions of ihram clothing for men
Ihram clothing for male pilgrims should be woven by no manner of means. Generally, this is a garment consisting of two sheets of white unhemmed towel, with the top draped over the torso and the bottom secured on the waist. Men should take off all their woven clothing, including the underwear and small dresses.

It is mandatory for men to tie the towel on their waist in such a way that their nakedness would remain covered while sitting and standing up. If this is not possible, they can use a small towel.
As for the footwear, men should wear one which is not woven. Also, concerning slippers, the ones are allowed which do not completely cover the upper side of the feet.

The important consideration is that due to the new and specific dressings men are wearing, they may not be aware of proper way to maintain and control of which; they may knit the towels in order to sustain balance and cover the body complete. Knitting in ihram clothing for men is of problem and invalidates ihram. It is advisable to control the clothes with plastic clamps or round elastic bands. Note that elastic bands should not be tied too.



· Do not cover the head

It is forbidden for male pilgrims to cover all or a part of head with wearing materials like hat; this shall invalidate the ihram.

· No Ring as an ornament

The pilgrim should not use any kind of ornament or jewelry while on pilgrim. The person who is in ihram should be pure and away from any ornament before God.

· Do not put on perfume

To put on perfume is highly recommended in Islam. The Prophet and his true followers (family) had all put on perfume and had always been perfumed. However, perfume must not be worn while in ihram; even using fragrant soaps is not allowed.

Some other points
It is suggested that you practice a few days before and watch your behavior and manners so that, for example, you would not look into the mirror during ihram or be not exposed to sweet smells, or provide yourself with such condition that you may not need to look into a mirror. Since spouses must not take any sexual pleasure from each other, women are recommended to put on clothes during ihram which do not arouse their husband. Of course this recommendation is offered when the time of ihram lasts more than one day.