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Xi Jinping visited the Middle East: promoting global governance Hand "along the way" to se

Xi Jinping visited the Middle East: promoting global governance Hand "along the way" to se

Emma Tong www.szdingrun.com 2016-01-22 15:36:15

  January 19, Chinese President Xi Jinping left Beijing, turned to Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Iran, a five-day state visit. As "Thirteen Five" for the opening of the first year of China's diplomacy, which is WANA turbulent past five years, China's top leader's first visit to the Middle East. Under Change "along the way," the grand background, this visit concern.

"The Middle East is 'along the way' in key areas, learning first visit to choose the President of the New Year in the Middle East is of great strategic significance." Professor of International Institute for Strategic Studies, Central Party School, the Committee of Experts hundred Forum "along the way" in an interview with reporters committee Zhao Lei When he pointed out that "along the way" can be said that China's participation in global governance "public goods", "As a responsible big country, in addition to financial assistance, we also provide impetus to the peace and development, seeking to win public goods, to lead the trend to solve deep-seated problems. 'along the way' is such public goods. "Zhao Lei believes that Xi's visit, will drive" along the way "in the Middle East and countries along the butt, especially by Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Iran, the three Big Butt Middle East countries, will benefit "along the way" to deepen and implemented in the Middle East.

Because of the conflict in the Middle East in the world, deeply affected economic development. "Single economic structure is a major pain point in the Middle East countries." Zhao Lei analysis, Saudi Arabia and Iran is very dependent on energy trade, the global energy prices, both economies have encountered winter. The Egyptian economy is mainly dependent on agriculture, Suez Canal revenue and tourism. "Along the way" interoperability will help the Middle East breakthrough pain points. He predicted that "this visit will reap some of the practical infrastructure projects such as Egypt, since the infrastructure is lagging behind, affecting even the development of tourism industry in Egypt, so we will have some, as in this respect."

Iran and Saudi Arabia, in addition to traditional energy cooperation, Zhao Lei believes that some of the industry's deep-level cooperation will also be further development. "We have in addition to product advantages, investment advantages, as well as the development of the concept of advantages, such as our industrial park development, the development of open, DC, for these countries, there is a sense of reference."

Middle East because of the unique geographical advantage and rich natural resources has always been a war ignited national interests of each place. Whether it is oil or natural gas producer, will have exhausted its resources, when the post-oil era of development in the Middle East countries had to think about. At this time, China put forward "along the way" concept, the pursuit of peace win, get a positive response from these countries.

Local time on January 19, Xi Jinping held talks with Saudi King Salman in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia announced the establishment of a comprehensive strategic partnership to promote further development of bilateral relations. The two sides agreed to Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank to fight the mutual benefit of the financing platform to promote regional interoperability, and early completion of China - GCC free trade zone. Subsequently, the two heads of state witnessed the "Government of People's Republic of China and the Government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to jointly promote the Silk Road economic belt and the Maritime Silk Road of the 21st century as well as the capacity to carry out cooperation memorandum of understanding" as well as energy, telecommunications, environment, culture, sign aerospace, science and technology and other bilateral cooperation documents, fruitful attracted worldwide attention.

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