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How to choose and nurse bath towel

How to choose and nurse bath towel

Apple 2014-07-21 11:20:14

When we choose and buy the bath towel, determine the bath towel quality is seeing thick wire coil tightly woven to achieve maximum water imbibition. If the bath towel’s coil more thick, it is made up of more yarn, naturally, can quickly absorb moisture from the body.

A high quality bath towel if appropriate care is available for ten years. The following will introduce how to protect cotton towel tip:

1. According to the care label, do not use hot water and excessively dry towel.

2. To maintain the bath towel is soft, use half of the recommended dosage of laundry detergent.Don't pour the laundry detergent directly on the towel.Because it may lead to laundry detergent residues on the bath towel, reduce its softness.It is recommended to use neutral detergent, don't rush to use chlorine bleaching characteristics of laundry detergent.

3. Don't often use clothing fabric softener, avoid fabric softeners containing cassia resin, its composition will residual wax coating on the towel, reduce water imbibition.

4. Separate brunet with light color towel washing, wash bath towel, don't have a zipper, hooks, buttons, etc, may damage the coil of bath towel.Don't mix washing, clothes and bath towel bath towel cotton wool may be on clothing, damage the clothes.

5. Dry towel, when fully expanded, well ventilated, so as to avoid the towel wet breeding ground for bacteria.Another frequent washing bath towel will also reduce the service life of it.