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More bacteria on wet towels,you sure don't know!

More bacteria on wet towels,you sure don't know!

Yorbalinda 2014-09-07 18:35:00

Actually current Chinese used towel per year 1-2 pcs, but middle-income countries more than 10 pcs per person per year is used, a higher consumption of the developed countries, including Japan, Europe and the United States.Relevant personage points out, China home textile association this result is closely connected with people use towel false consciousness and habits.

"Don't break don't change" concept of thrift.Habit people usually put a towel in the toilet, and made of pure cotton towel exceptionally good moisture absorption, water storage, it provides a "hotbed" bacteria breeding, coupled with the dust in the air, the skin grease, external bacteria, can let the towel with more and more dirty."

In these bacteria, e. coli is the most terrible. Use a towel.In a lot of people at home, a towel is "pluralism", face and hands, take a bath, shampoo, even washing privates.Thus, from the hands, face, hair, and a towel with bacteria will be full of whole body, if the bacteria into the mouth, nose, eyes and other sensitive areas, may also cause discomfort, especially children and allergic constitution, move more easily.Accordingly, the expert reminds, towel must, according to the use at least three men, wash a face, wash feet, and a bath towel used separately, shall be prepared at least four women, on the basis of washing a face, wash feet, and bathing, add a washing privates of towel.

Use wet towel should be?"The Chinese habit of towel is wet, use a wet towel to wash a face, actually means using bacteria skin care."Experts say that pathogenic bacteria such as e. coli, anaerobic bacteria, and even HIV can survive more than two days in a wet towel."For this, we should learn more Japanese. Never use a second time, the Japanese a wet towel towels once wet, immediately wash to dry."More it is worth mentioning that the Japanese used the small squares, each will be ready to dozens of used to wash a face, hands, etc., use a towel, 3 days will change, the dirty towel to clean with soap, and where there is the sun to dry.

How to choose a suitable towel?

1. The pure cotton towel should choose soft and comfortable, good water imbibition materials,

2. According to the people to buy.Children should choose plain coloured small squares;Advice people who are allergic skin delicate or easy to choose low loop, density is small towel;Male metabolism faster, more suitable for thick, large surface friction towel.

3. High quality towels feel is soft, fluffy and elastic, terry even, hemming neat, no peculiar smell, inferior towel instead."Using inferior wash a face towel, protect skin with industrial waste water is equivalent to."Experts stressed.

Should also pay attention to in using, just bought a towel to clean first, then use, get into the habit of daily cleaning, towel once hair is yellow, and hard, sticky, will change in time.

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