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Sugar sculpture “Terracotta Warriors” showed at APEC restaurant

Sugar sculpture “Terracotta Warriors” showed at APEC restaurant

Cindy www.szdingrun.com 2014-10-16 17:31:09
At 14th Oct, the preparatory work of APEC summits has its first time of process walkthrough. The restaurants of APEC summits displaying the sugar sculptures which makes the delegates participating in the conference know more Chinese culture. These sugar sculptures can keep at normal temperature preservation for three months. If any guests likes, they can have it. 

According to Yilei, the majordomo of country conference centre operational department these sugar sculpture, vegetable sculpture and flour sculpture are make for decoration and all of these Chinese and western sculptures are eight groups. Among them,the galloping white horses are the first batch used two moths starting from spring festival. They were used 15kilos sugar , every part of them are make carefully by hand. 

The picture below “Terracotta Warriors” were made by sugar too. Because their high International recognition ,making a group meaning harmonious and unitive. 

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