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how to choose a good hotel towel(1)

how to choose a good hotel towel(1)

Cindy www.szdingrun.com 2014-11-21 17:44:11
Hotel towel is part and parcel of the hotel.No matter how different scales of hotels, hotel towel is the necessary one which can enhance your clients experience about the hotel and make them feel like being at home.
Since we know that hotel towel is essential, but how can choose the right one for our hotels?
Today, I will show you the ways to choose the fittest one for your hotel.

1. The high standard of white color.Hotels love to choose the high standard of white color towels,but most of them do not know the reasons.
Not only for the bright color,but also the high quality of the material. It must be made by 100%cotton which can mix the good dye together to make a good towel. Otherwise, using the material without 100%cotton, the towel can not mix the dye so well and makes the towel looks bad.

2.LOGO. A logo of a towel is very important. It represents the brand of your hotel and the service life of the towel.With a good designed logo of your hotel is very important for your hotel. The towels can represent the quality of your hotel. A good towel can leaves your clients good,deep impressions. Therefore, you should discuss with the towel supplier about the details of how to make you logo on the towels.

3.Qualified towel should be soft enough and strong absorbent.The cotton towel has the rule: softer the towel is, the less absorbent the towel would be.Therefore, we should not choose a towel only depends on its touch feeling.

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