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What are the problems of not changing towels?

What are the problems of not changing towels?

Cindy www.szdingrun.com 2014-11-29 10:51:48
Usually, towels stay wet when we are using or after using them. When it is wet, it can be breeding of bacteria which will risk to our health. In order to reduce the potential risks, our factory’s production team made a research of it and got the answers as below.

According to our production experts in our factory, most of family towels are easy to carry high Pathogenicity bacteria like Staphylococcus aureus, Candida albicans and Escherichia coli. The reason why there are so many bacteria is that the fabric of the towel and the improper ways we using the towels.

Firstly, the towels we usually using at home are cotton towels. Cotton can store a sum of water which is a factor of breeding bacteria. Secondly, we always putting our towels into bath room or wash room where warm and wet,without ultraviolet irradiation fits breeding of bacteria.

Thirdly, if we do not change our towels regularly, or even infinite loop using the towels, the dirt including skin oil, dust, scurf, acarid, and sweat will stay at our towels which will make our towels more bacteria than usual. Forth, some families not using towels separately. Such as, a towel using for face cleaning and bathing. Such way of using a towel will breed more bacteria than ever.

These four aspects are the reasons why our towels are so many bacteria than we thought. In order to avoid causing disease among our children and elders, we should pay our attention not using our towels as the four aspects I wrote above.

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