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common knowledge of using a towel

common knowledge of using a towel

Cindy www.szdingrun.com 2014-12-10 17:22:19
1. We should never use a towel without washing. Towels sell in the market might be touched by many people.

2. A sanitary towel should be washed and dried. It is not clean and sanitary for towel without clean and dry or even share with others which will cause the spread of germs and cross-infection. 

3. We should store our towels in dry drafty place preventing the growth of bacterial and fungus. 

4. We should not bleach our towels to broke the material of the towels. 

5. We should change our towels regularly. 'cause everything has its lifetime. Towels are organic fabric which service life should be 3 months. But if there are some spots on your towel or the towel become dry and hard, you should change it quickly.

6. Everyone should have a personal towel and use some different functional towel for different situation. Such as face towel, bath towel, sport towel, and hand towel etc. 

7. Towels should be cleaned and dried right after use and sterilized every week. 

8. If your towel become Greasy, you can soak it into salt water for a few minutes and use the clean water to clean it again.

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