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A warm-hearted man

A warm-hearted man

Jason 2014-12-16 18:25:16
After getting rich in the 1980s, Zhu Jianhong devoted much of his wealth to help those in need. But in 2000, he met with a crisis when his business went bankrupt and he went heavily into debt. After paying off the debt, Zhu Jianhong went to the countryside to live a simple life. Despite his ups and downs, Zhu is ever ready to lend a hand to those in trouble.

Zhu Jianhong earned his fortune from a general store he opened in 1983. He used the money he earned to raise orphans, support charity schools, and help childless elderly people. Through the years, he donated more than 300,000 yuan ($48,455) to those in need, a large amount in the 1980s.

Zhu Jianhong has been awarded honors such as Model Worker of Wuxi, and Outstanding Self-employed Entrepreneur of Jiangsu Province, and he was elected as deputy to the 11th and 12th People's Congress of Wuxi

In 1993, Zhu Jianhong started to run two restaurants to employ laid-off workers, which resulted in a big loss. No longer rich, Zhu Jianhong sold his house in 2009 and moved to the countryside to live a humble life.