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Cao Yunjing and Guo Degang, Former Partners Turned Against to Each Other

Cao Yunjing and Guo Degang, Former Partners Turned Against to Each Other

Jasmine X www.szdingrun.com 2016-09-06 11:15:05

Cao Yunjing and Guo Degang, both of them are very famous in the field of Cross Talk in China.

Crosstalk", which is named as Xiang Sheng in Chinese Language belongs to the traditional culture of China. A program of Xiang Sheng is usually performed by two people, kind like a Talk Show in western countries maybe. The content is mainly about criticism of present events in political, financial and cultural area etc. Xiang Sheng used to be very popular in China however it has also gone though a long time of hardships with the development of other entertainments like TV show, pop star reality show and so on. During that of time, Guo has played a important role in bringing back to the stage indeed. And in recent years, some young and talented Xiang Sheng performers like Cao Yunjing and Li Jing have made it more welcomed by people to enjoy their relaxing and interesting “包袱”(A nickname of some point words or sentences in their conversation that make audience laugh.) It is kind shocked to see that nowadays the two generation of Xiang Sheng performers are turning against each other on social media.

Guo has used to be Caos teacher or Shi Fu called in Chinese when Cao start his career in Xiang Sheng . They have lived in poor conditions together before also enjoyed the happiness of being successful later. Now they should have turned against to each other since Guo has uploaded a family tree of “德云社”(Sort of a traditional Xiang Sheng development center.) on 4th September without Caos name in it. Although Cao has left Guo for personal development years before, being a number of “德云社”must be very meaningful and important to him.

Cao has exploded in his mind so a long Wei Bo of over 6,000 words was uploaded by him, listing the bad things that Guo has done to him and others. Guo has also been blaming Cao for betraying him for a long time...

Its just the beginning, the fire is still on...