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China 2015 GDP growth rate of 6.9 percent to a 25-year low

China 2015 GDP growth rate of 6.9 percent to a 25-year low

Emma Tong www.szdingrun.com 2016-01-19 17:43:01

China 2015 GDP growth rate of 6.9 percent to a 25-year low

  Global Forex January 19 hearing - on Monday (January 18) China National Bureau of Statistics released the latest data show that China's annual GDP growth rate of 6.9% in 2015, the growth rate hit a new low since 1990, the expected 6.9%. The Premier Li Keqiang previously talked about GDP growth "breaking 7" when he stressed: "We have never talked to a particular sticking point, but to keep the economy running at a reasonable range."

    Specific data are as follows:

    China 2015 GDP annual growth rate of 6.9%, expected 6.9%, the previous value of 7.3%;

 National Bureau of Statistics, said at a news conference, said Wang Baoan, 6.9% economic growth rate is not low; China's contribution to global economic growth over 2%, while China's economic growth will not be easy in the international situation. 2016 and 2015 the economic situation is similar to 2016, China's economy is still facing complicated international environment; the same time that some industries will continue downward, but the rapid growth in the emerging industry, have confidence in the Chinese economy.

    In addition, for questioning the authenticity of Chinese GDPA data, Wang Baoan pointed out that China's GDP is calculated based on reliable data; preparation of Chinese GDP data is not entirely through several levels; China has a solid foundation of accurate data, in the middle does not exist Intervention may modify data;The quality of Chinese statistical data is assured.

    The latest interpretation of Minsheng Securities tube Kiyotomo believe the data, in 2015 GDP growth of 6.8% in the fourth quarter of the year of 6.9%, the first time in 25 years, less than 7%, the demand side of the troika slowing across the board, the investment of 10.1%, export - 2.8%, real estate to the inventory, go before manufacturing productivity and external rebalancing is complete, the economy can hardly be bottoming. 2016, currency hedging financial underpinning, a supply-side reform fall forward, the market risk of the release, risk-free interest rates down, categories of asset revaluation, lower earnings expectations.

    At the same time, the RMB exchange rate, in 2015, after China GDP data, offshore renminbi against the US dollar was down nearly 100 points to 6.5974, it is now reported 6.5973.