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How magic towels help in marketing a product

How magic towels help in marketing a product

Prithvi Shet www.szdingrun.com 2016-06-13 14:40:57

Effective marketing spells success for any business. You need to use the right marketing techniques to reach out to your clientele and increase your brand recognition. According to surveys conducted, 52% of the people surveyed stated that they had a more positive image and vision about a company if they received a promotional product from them. 

Moreover, 50% said that they especially liked companies which distributed products which were used daily like compressed towels. Compressed towels are not ordinary towels, they are made from 100% cotton and are sanitary to use. They are also reliable and are manufactured under strict quality control. 

1. There are many benefits to using compressed towels for marketing your product, the first being the fact that these towels can be compressed to any shape like round, rectangle, global, heart, square, oval, cell phone, bottle, car or even Santa Claus. So you can either shape it into the shape of your product, or just print a picture of your product onto the towel and then have it compressed to your preferred shape.

2. Another benefit of using these towels is that you can have your company logo or a picture o your product custom printed or embroidered with your company information onto the towel. So whenever you customer uses the towel in public like the pool, beach or carry it as part of their fitness gear, everyone around them will see and know about your product and company when your customer uses the towel. People make a mental note of your product when they meet others in an outdoor location, making these towels an effective marketing choice for various industries especially those in entertainment and the sports industry. If required, you can even have your cotton towels compressed with a full color digitally printed insert card!

3. The versatility of magic towels is another reason for its improved popularity and use in marketing campaigns. It is a product where one size fits all giveaways to use at your beach party, promotional party, next golf tournament, to present to all your hotel guests or to use as a thank-you gift for both your new and existing gym members. It’s up to you to decide what type of towel you want to be compressed like a beach, bath, fitness or golf towels. You can also decide on the preferred material of the towel. It may not be 100% cotton; you can have it in terry cloth, velour, organic or made in USA in mid or premium weigh options. Its’ up to you to decide based on the purpose of the towel, what you plan to have printed on it, the type of printing to use on it and of course ,your budget. 

4. These towels are so easy to use, which is an additional benefit and reason to use them as a souvenir or promotional item. Though they are compressed into discs, capsules or balls, you just avhe to place them into water for about 30 seconds to get new fresh towels to use as required. Once used, you just have to wash or dry them to conveniently carry around with you wherever you go. 

5. Magic towels are easy to carry and thus are easily stored, shipped and even distributed. As the towels are compressed and compactly packed, they can also be carried around in backpacks, tote bags or boxes to be easily distributed to the recipients through fun activities. They also remain lightweight even in bulk amounts, making it cheaper shipping them and is easy for your customer to carry as it not only takes up less space in their luggage, towels are always a necessity and will not be considered extra luggage anywhere!

6. Your company logo, contact information and logo can be printed onto the towel using full color digital printing, screen printing, Jacquard or even embroidery for branding purposes. The advantage of these printing options is that they have exceptional color and vividness. Moreover, as these print methods use saturated colors, they can help make your brand’s image or logo stand out on the towel for a much longer time, even after repeated use and washing.

7. These magic towels are relatively cheap to print and use as a promotional product when bought and printed on a wholesale basis. This proves exceptionally beneficial to those on a tight budget as the towel provides a mass outreach at a low cost. So instead of just giving your potential customers or even loyal customers a business card, you can also give them your compressed towel. This helps create a better impression and to help remind your customers and everyone around them about you and your product whenever they use the towel!

8. Just think of the amount of publicity your business receives when so many of your old and new customers use your magic compressed towels? You just have to pay a small amount at the start to print these towels in bulk; and once you have them distributed, you never know how far its marketing will reach. You don’t know who will see your towels, and how they will react to it. You never know how many of the people who see the towel are interested in your product, and will try to reach you!

9. Last, but not least, these compressed towels help create a positive image for your business. People seeing it will realize how dedicated you are about your business, and how much you care for your customers by providing them with one of their basic necessities. Unlike other promotional products like umbrellas and coffee mugs, these towels can be conveniently carried around wherever required. 

So if you are thinking of doing something novel about your marketing campaign to boost your company sales and customer relations, compressed towels make the ideal promotional product to use. 

They offer so many benefits in a small package and for a small price, there’s no reason you should not use it in your next marketing campaign! Just make sure you choose the right size, material and printing option which suits your pocket and needs and you are sure to find a marked difference in your company sales!