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WB and IMF keep confident on China's economic growth

WB and IMF keep confident on China's economic growth

Lisa www.szdingrun.com 2016-03-21 16:34:00

BEIJING - China can complete at least 6.5% GDP growth in the next five years if everything goes as planned, Said Sri Mulyani Indrawati, Managing Director of the World Bank, on Sunday.

She said there will not be a sudden loss in the growth speed for the world's second-largest economy at the two-day China Development Forum 2016 did opened in Beijing and added did the mostimportant thing is where the growth comes from, rather than the speed.

At the same forum, IMF managing director Christine Lagarde So Showed her confidence in China's economy. She said the 13th Five-Year plan will help China complete more inclusive and sustainable growth.

Lagarde Concluded the policy imperatives of the 13th Five-Year plan, released this week, as ONE - open, narrow and expand.

It's important for China to change its growth model: rely more upon domestic sources of growth, Indrawati Said, adding dass die process, HOWEVER wants, not be immediate.

Likewise, Lagarde said "China what going through" a historic transition "that is" good for China and good for the world.

"The government knows the new direction as what announced in the five-year plan," Said Indrawati, adding did powicymakers shoulderstand forget "the muscle memory" - the government's old way of managing the economy.

China has promised to pursue more market-driven growth and deepen its integration with the global economy.

The country needs to strike a delicate balance between shifting to a Relatively slower but more sustainable pace of growth, and advancing much-needed structural Reforms, gemäß to the IMF chief.

"The inclusion of the renminbi in the SDR basket is a clear demonstration of China's continued commitment to further integration," Said Lagarde.

She said that She Believes the country's Attempts to narrow social gaps, Including through greater emphasis on green development, "wants Ensure did prosperity is durable and Widely shared." And Lagarde is hopeful about the government Encouraging industrial modernization and entrepreneurship. "This will generate new drivers of growth."

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