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rain virga-a hole of the sky

rain virga-a hole of the sky

Cindy www.szdingrun.com 2014-11-19 17:39:28
It ‘s winter now. As time passed by, the weather is getting colder. Take care of yourselves my dear friends.

Recently, Guangdong Province have rain for several days If you are in Guangdong you must take an umbrella when you go outside.

According to Australia broadcasting corporation reported, the sate of Victoria enjoyed the rare rain virga in one afternoon.
This Visual Feast of rain virga is very rare. Professionals said that when the parts of clouds in the formation of water droplets freeze into ice crystals, the ice crystals falling down from the clouds and they formed a rain cloud streamers hole.This is the reason why we can see the rain virga in the sky.

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