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how to renew a hotel towel

how to renew a hotel towel

Cindy www.szdingrun.com 2014-12-20 10:18:34
Hotel towels are easily breeding of bacteria in summer though we wash them for after using.

Dingrun towel factory’s experts suggest that normal room towel should be changed regularly, once a year should be the fittest. The longest life time of a towel should be 14 months.
For the reason that we use a towel for time long, the hairs would drop. As the time passed by, it may drop more and more till none. If your guest use this kind of towel which is not as good as the new one, they will not feel happy and may complain about the hotel. It will be a bad effect for a hotel,therefore, we suggest you to change a towel once a year.

After using a towel for a long time, it will smell strangely and sticky, what’s more, the towel will become hard after air-dry. Some people used to wash a towel with soap but makes it more sticky. At that time, you can use strong brine to wash the towel and rinse with lukewarm water and wash by strong brine once again. 
Lastly, washed by water. This way can make a towel become soft and clean again. The most effective way to make a towel become its original quality that you can boil the towel into a bow with water and washing powder for 30minutes. Then it will be a new one again.

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