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What is Missing From Your Next Hand Towel?

What is Missing From Your Next Hand Towel?

Prithvi Shet www.szdingrun.com 2016-07-02 10:08:50

After going through countless hand towels in my lifetime, I have come to one realization… there’s some sort of monotony in our hand towels selection. Nothing special there.

We want to make sure its 100% cotton, check…

Does it dry well? …check

Is it firmly woven together? …check

Is it soft to touch…? And does it leave any annoying lint on your hands? … check

Is the hand towel dense or light? Does it feel durable?...check

What color should I get? Will I be able to get my favorite color or any color I want to go with my bathroom or kitchen décor? Should I get something that could be used to dry dishes sometimes?

Everything is just the usual, and sorry to say… terribly boring. And then of course there’s finally the question of what we can afford or what we think is worth a buy if we decide to squeeze in a bit further into the budget for something special.

So how can anything to do with buying hand towels be any exciting? Good question. And there’s only one answer to that: luxury monogrammed hand towels.

“Oh, yeah… I already knew that… they even have those at the local motel…”

Thought you’d think that… but let me tell what you do not know about these particular monogrammed hand towels

The Customization Options

Okay, first things first, these babies come in 3 basic sizes:

* 34X34cm

* 20X20cm

* 35X35cm

In addition to picking the size, you can also pick favorite colors and weight. You can get these in 450GSM and 500GSM.

What’s GMS and why is it important on a towel?

Well, GSM (Grams per Square Meter) is the measure of quality and weight of fabric. This determines certain aspects of the fabric such as density on towels which also determines how absorbent they are. Towels vary anywhere from 300 GSM to about 900GSM. Of course the higher you go the denser and heavier the towel. At 450-500GSM, I’d say these hand towels are worth consideration. Speaking of which, durability… check!

Special Features

There’s nothing really outstanding about the cotton only that its one of the best cotton in the world. And they are… well, 100% cotton. The good thing about them however is that their absorbency is high, therefore drying your hands faster and they are also antistatic. They’re soft and plush and you just want to rub you hands in them for hours because they’re so soft to touch. Color fastness is something you should also consider especially since one of the decoration techniques used to imprint the monograms is reactive printing. And the printwork stays on these hand towels forever!

Another test where these towels also excel with flying colors is in their ability to lie flat even immediately after washing. You might know why this is important but this small fact really says a lot about the quality of the faric used; in this case, the quality of the cotton used.

The most important special feature has to be the custom monograms. This automatically becomes a special feature to everyone who owns one of these hand towels. They have your initials on them… which means they are only reserved for your beautiful hands.